Staff Augmentation

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  • Come to us for all staffing needs
  • We will provide you qualified staff on reasonable terms
  • We gaurantee our work
  • We provide support for your staff augmentation needs at many levels, including:
    • Executives
    • Managers
    • Engineers
    • Technicians
    • Professionals

Our Process

MetroStaf™ (a division of MetroServ Communications LLC) is committed to making your recruiting and hiring initiatives consistently efficient, pleasant and successful. Here are the steps we generally take to ensure that you attract the best people in the shortest time frame possible.


We begin by speaking at length with you or your associates, either over the phone or at your office, to get acquainted, assess your needs, review your job descriptions, and discuss our fees. Once we agree to move forward, we then determine in greater detail exactly the type of individual you need, probing for soft skills (e.g., personality traits and work style) as well as technical or professional skills.


With a clearly articulated ideal candidate profile in hand, we then search our database, contact people in our professional network, and scan a variety of published resources to find local candidates most likely to match your needs.


We contact the most viable of these individuals to determine their availability. With those who are open to a job change, we determine their motivations, level of interest in the position, skill sets, professional background, personality traits and compensation requirements, all without revealing the name of your firm.

First Presentation

After internal discussion and agreement, we e-mail to you profiles of those candidates who are most highly qualified for and interested in the position.


After you select the candidates you wish to meet, we contact all involved parties to schedule interviews and simultaneously initiate reference checks. We can also coach you or your associates on interviewing techniques that will you elicit the information you need in a legal and ethical manner. If you wish to test candidates, we’ll help you find the applicable resources to assist you.
Offer Negotiation
When you’ve determined which individuals you are seriously interested in hiring, we’ll assist in the negotiation process, helping you to offer a package that is both market competitive and fair to you, yet attractive to the candidate, as well.

Contractual Logistics

In some cases, clients hire candidates as direct employees under the management of their own Human Resource department. In others, they elect to have MetroStaf™ be the employer of record and handle all payroll and benefits issues. We will support your preference either way and draw up all necessary contracts or agreements for your approval.

Transition Counseling

To ensure a smooth job transition for the new hire and his or her family, MetroStaf™ will provide personal counseling wherever necessary. Going this extra step has proved invaluable in the past in preventing or minimizing family move-related problems, changes of heart, and relations with former employers.

Satisfaction Measurement

MetroStaf™ guarantees your satisfaction. We?ll check in with you shortly after the adjustment phase to see how things are working out. If for any reason within the first 60 days you are dissatisfied with the individual you?ve hired, we will fill the same job description requisition at no additional charge (some restrictions apply).


The time required to hire a candidate can range from a single day to 60-90 days, depending on your availability for consulting and interviewing, the scarcity or abundance of viable candidates, and the time of year. That said, MetroStaf™ makes every effort to minimize the time required so you can attract ideal candidates and become more productive as quickly as possible.

Our Fees

MetroStaf™'s rates and fees range according to the ease and length of your search, as well as your budget and timeline. We are open to discussing other options you may prefer.

For temp and contract workers, we generally bill an hourly rate commensurate with the individual’s level of expertise. Our compensation agreements with consultants vary with each individual.

Please ask for more information about the specific consultants you are interested in.