Networking - Voice

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MetroServ offers a number of services in this area, including:

Application-Specific Services:

  • Review and analyze potential consolidated service options and develop associated business cases.
  • Review and analyze the existing telecommunications network infrastructure, consolidated services platform, network · operations and maintenance, and administrative support programs.
  • Develop specifications for and oversight of system/infrastructure installation, implementation, compliance/acceptance·
  • Develop specifications for and oversight of system operations, administration, maintenance and disaster recovery · (including automate systems for network management).
  • Review, analysis and recommendation of Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.· etc.

LAN/MAN/WAN Implementation Services/Cabling

  • Use planning methodology and information gathered in above to manage and implement specific projects and/or systems.

Layer 1 (physical): Cabling Services (provided thru a number of partners with C7 and C10 licenses; certified and bonded.)

Layers 2-7: implementation and troubleshooting

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