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We offer turnkey managed solutions in wireless (WiFi/802.11) and wired networks for WAN/MAN/LAN environments.

  • Network buildout
  • Site Survey
  • Optimization of signal strength/reception
  • Security analysis and vulnerability assessment
  • Customer support
  • Network management, monitoring, and reporting
  • 7x24 support

Wireless LAN

In the rapidly expanding field of wireless technology, MetroServ offers a full spectrum of wireless LAN consulting services from strategy and planning, security assessments, and site surveys to design, implementation, network management, and intrusion detection.

MetroServ ' Wireless LAN Services provides consulting for all phases of a wireless LAN project. We don't just focus on security; we don't simply conduct site surveys. We cover all your bases, from security, network design, network implementation, network management, operational procedures, and project management—all with a WLAN focus. We can be your trusted advisor for any and all phases of a wireless LAN project, from initial strategy and planning to implementation, operations, and per-formance tuning.

If you are just starting to formulate a wireless policy, or if you are concerned that users may have installed wireless LANs on their own, you need help. Perhaps you have started a project but have questions about security, or you have already deployed wireless networking but find it doesn't meet all of your initial expectations, it's time to call the experts. MetroServ ' Wireless LAN Services can work with you to meet your goals.

MetroServ ' Wireless LAN Services provides consulting for all phases of a wireless LAN project.

Assess—strategy and planning, ROI analysis, WLAN security assessment, site survey, training, application analysis, project planning.
Design—WLAN network design and integration with corporate backbones, security design, security and acceptable use policies, disaster recovery, project management.
Implement—WLAN implementation, VPNs, secure operational procedures, device configuration, network and security management, integration with directory services, project management.
Improve—performance analysis and tuning for WLAN, system upgrade and expansion, intrusion prevention and detection, sweeps for "rogue" devices.

These services can be contracted individually or proposals can be developed to meet your specific requirements. As always, MetroServ will work as part of your team, augmenting your existing capabilities with our in-depth expertise. We make sure we transfer our knowledge to your staff.

MetroServ has the skills to allow you to maximize the benefits of WLANs while minimizing security risks and operational costs.

Are you a potential wireless LAN client?

Do you:

Understand there are security concerns with wireless, and want to learn how to address them?
Need expert WLAN advice before deployment?
Have user-installed WLANs and need to bring them under unified IT control?
Need expertise to design a scalable WLAN with seamless roaming?
Have an existing WLAN with performance problems?
Need to support a variety of user groups with different network access rights on the same WLAN?
Want to be sure that the WLAN is secure from all outside access?
If so, you're a potential wireless LAN client.

We're not just wireless LAN specialists

MetroServ ' WLAN Services are derived from our core expertise in network consulting. We offer a similar full range of services for traditional wired networks.

Monitoring Solutions

MetroServ will monitor customer networks 7x24x365 in real time. Monitoring hardware and software will be located at the MetroServ or an affiliate Network Operations Center.

Customers may request monitoring reports to be emailed to them in PDF format. This includes any and all reports deemed necessary by customer. MetroServ will produce a monthly report/analysis/ticket summary and provide it to the customer at the monthly meeting.

MetroServ will monitor for the following:

  • Percent Utilization
  • Min / Max / Avg. BPS
  • Average Packets / Sec.
  • Current Traffic Load
  • Peak Traffic Load
  • Average Packet Size
  • MAC Addresses
  • Network Latency
  • Total Bytes Transferred
  • Total Packets Transferred
  • Errors and Discards
  • Multicast Traffic
  • Unicast Traffic
  • Average Response Time
  • Percent Packet Loss
  • IOS Version and Image
  • Samples of the information that can be obtained:

Performance Monitoring - We use a real-time network monitor that can track network latency, packet loss, traffic, bandwidth and utilization. It can also monitor each managed node and interface via SNMP to report when a node reboots or an interface goes down. The Performance Monitor is ideal for monitoring the bandwidth utilization of routers and switches and providing online and historical charts of your network performance.
Graphs - View the pulse of your network. Know immediately when a server is down. Monitor the availability of several devices. Immediate notification the moment a router, circuit or server becomes unavailable. Keep posted on their status with green, yellow and red alert indicators.
CPU Load Monitoring - CPU Monitor utility allows you to monitor and graph the load on multiple Cisco routers concurrently. Warning and alarm thresholds can be independently set for each device. If the load on a Cisco router reaches the "user defined" threshold for a warning, the load bar turns yellow. If a critical level is reached, the bar turns red.
CPU Metering - The CPU Meter will monitor the CPU Load on Cisco routers and switches. The CPU Meter utilizes SNMP to communicate with the remote device and display the results. This is a visual aid much like a speedometer in a car.
MetroServ will inform the customer of any performance issues based on standard industry metrics with respect to the above monitored items. MetroServ will modify the metrics at the customer's request to satisfy any specific customer requirements. MetroServ will maintain a copy of all configurations of the LAN/WAN infrastructure equipment off-site for backup and disaster recovery purposes. MetroServ will troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise as a result of any and all failures with respect to the WAN and LAN infrastructure as soon as they are notified by the agents monitoring the network. All charges for this service are included as part of the monthly fee. All fees for monitoring and management include all changes, modifications or alterations to the network WAN infrastructure to accommodate the customer's day-to-day operations.

Items the fee does not include:

  • Substitute technicians while IT staff is out of the office
  • New Project Infrastructure additions and implementation (this work is an additional cost, usually T&M)
  • Security or LAN design consulting fees
  • Network additions or modifications for major infrastructure changes. (i.e. move to new location)

MetroServ must be informed of all changes, additions or deletions of network hardware, servers, switches and routers. This is important in helping diagnose issues that may arise as new equipment is added to the network with respect to performance or errors that may be encountered while monitoring the network.

Management and monitoring charges include all Cisco routers, switches, firewalls and VPN hardware, emergency remote access, detailed router configuration documentation, detailed up to date Visio diagrams of the WAN, as well as a monthly meeting to discuss and review the performance statistics, reports, failures and any other issues the customer may have.

MetroServ offers a management and monitoring service that includes all hardware as part of the service. This eliminates any capital acquisition costs by the customer. The customer would pay a monthly fee to MetroServ for all of the LAN/WAN hardware as well as the monitoring and management.