Evolving Technologies

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Technical Expertise

  • Wireless Technology
    • Wireless LAN
    • Wireless WAN & Net MGT.
    • Wireless Media
    • Wireless Internet/Web
    • Wireless Communications
      • Cellular
      • PCS
      • Multimedia
  • IP Telephony, & Net. Mgt
    • IP-based LAN
    • IP-based WAN, & Net. Mgt.
    • IP-based VPN/MPLS
    • Internet
    • VOIP
    • IP Centrex
    • IP Security
  • Standards and applications related to voice, data and video
  • Converged Technology
  • E-Commerce/E-Service
  • GPS technology and applications
  • Interconnection/interoperability of disparate systems
  • Biometrics (voice identification, finger print, retinal scan)
  • Next Generation Networks (NGN) strategies

Application Competency

  • Perform client telecommunications services needs assessments and analysis, including detail telecommunications cost analysis and alternative telecommunications equipment/services evaluation with appropriate recommendations
  • Perform technology design, evaluating field trials through quality assurance, making recommendations for selection and implementation
  • Evaluate telecommunications standards and appropriate protocols for client applications; the projects include recommendations for and the rationale related to the selection of the specific standard and/or protocol
  • Review, analyze and recommend Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements
  • Analyze comparative product life cycles